About Us


Always work with a fair and humble heart,
respect heaven, love people, love work, love
company, love of country.
Vision & Mission

Pursue your own passion,
look forward to the future

03 years of development

Build Solid Base

NokaSoft has been constantly developing and expanding our services in both the Japanese and European markets. With a team of enthusiastic and talented employees, we are working hard to develop high quality products for our customers as well as contribute to building a better society through our products and business fields.


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Core values

We are a family.
We are a family, each individual always needs to understand and be aware of his or her role, what to do to push the boat forward at the highest speed.
Innovative thinking.
Breaking free from the conventional mindset, coupled with enthusiasm and sincerity, leads to world-shaking innovations.
Face the challenge
Be committed, take risks, dare to speak your mind, dare to do what you desire.
Together developed
Observe more, accelerate learning, exchange to become more mature every day.
Professional work
Respect time, put your whole heart and work to the end to reap the success you deserve.
Follow my goal.
Always focusing on the right steps will create great results. Don't forget our precious mission is to create good values for society.
Happy Clients
Finished Projects
Great Partners

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